But mom I don’t want to swim at a competition.Well as I said you needed to find something you enjoy but you didn’t so I choose something for you.Said mom.Now I have a suprise.What? what? what? what? I repeated.A swimsuit!Said Mom with a huge grin.No!Well here it is said Mom enthusiastically.It was Magenta with purple stripes.It is cute.Mom Smiled then said Let’s go check out the place.It was Huge with So many pictures of swimmers but when I looked down I saw the pool 7 feet deep.When I turned around a Brunette was looking at me. Um are you all right?She asked No I am really scared of swimming.Oh she said in dismay.Well I could help you get over your fear.Thanks.What is your name anyway I asked.Oh my name is Ellie and how about yours?Oh my names Amelia.Well come on!I changed into my swimsuit and dove in.Oh it’s not as bad as I thought.What else shouold I do?Follow me when we finished we swam around the whole pool 9 times.When I looked up I noticed Mom cheering me on.I’m so proud of you.Mom wiped a tear from her eye.Who is this new friend of yours?Oh this is Ellie.Ellie waved.That’s my mom over there.Mom and Ellie’s mom talked and talked. Then we went to do shopping for the competiton.That was the day I got over my fear of swimming which was the best day of my life.

Well this is my PTPWC challenge 3.I have a whole section for it so check there every Sunday if interested.P.s I actually started this Yesterday but had to rush.