New things

Ok so sometime this month I will start doing tutorials for hairstyles.So I would like for you guys to comment down below hairstyles you would like to see.

No need to panic

Ok so  in Canada Addy is on sale .I was curious so I emailed AG and they told me the sales and prices in Canada are different from what they do.So Addy is not retiring.

I won’t be blogging alot anymore

Ok so I start school Monday because I am going to a year round middle school.My weekend is so packed.From getting all my school supplies to hanging out with a friend of mine.It’s my school’s fault for not telling me this.I FEEL SO NERVOUS.

See you in August(My Track out)

This is strange

Melody comes out very soon but we Still don’t know who will retire.I remember Caroline archival announcement was in May.Which means It was announced 4 months before her retirement.And It’s 1 month until Melody but still no announcement.

The Blogger’s Fantasy Notebook Challenge 1

Hey guys my name’s Clara May.But please call me Clark.My best friend is Jason.Me and Jason have been stranded on an island for who knows how many years.We live on ocean water and coconuts.

The reason why we are on this island because We were on a class trip at the beach .Jason said he found something really cool. When we turned around no one was there. Our class was just gone. A mysterious boat offered us a ride home.Jason told them we were lost but if anyone asks we’re fine.But instead of bringing us home they parked the boat then pushed us off then drove off.

We eventually found out how things work arund here.Well I’m not sure for Jason.Just YesterdayI had to tell him “Jason you have to learn we’re grown now we have to work in order to survive.You can’t be King of Lazyness anymore”.He ran off.HJe came back a day or so later.”I think I broke him” I thought

We built a treehose to live in. But boy it was hard to built.

The end


P.S The prompts I used were

“…but if anyone asks tell them we’re fine.”    and  “I think I broke him.”

My gallery wouldn’t let me use them.