Anya left

Screenshot_2016-06-28-20-43-57So today when I check AGs youtube to see if there is anything new I see this.Look up at the header and you notice that instead of Anyas picture  it`s Noa`s picture.This officially means Anya left Ag life.

Can you believe it

This post isn’t related to AG in any way but I thought it was pretty neat.So today June 20th(in America)the Strawberry moon came out.It hasn’t came out since 1967.I am literally obsessed with anything space related so of course I had to see it.But I forgot that trees are everywhere where I live so I wouldn’t see the moon.Oh well.
Did you know that today is one of the only days that you can balance an egg on it’s head?



I am so happy I only have 4 days of school left.I want to be more active on my blog but it’s just I don’t know what to post about.If you guys have anything you’d like to see on my blog just tell me!