Look again



Julie’s disco accessories are on Sale and when something that has been around for a long time goes on sale so everything that was in stock for that product can be cleared out.One of her chapter books is no longer available too.Melody and Julie are close in era could this be why?


Yes you saw it correctly.Yesterday I posted that Agteen found out that 3 things from Julie’s collection are gone.Well I found more evidence.I am waiting for my screenshot app to download.So I can reveal the new proof.Go check out Agteen’s blog to see what she found if you have not seen it.


Since I love gymnasts and I mean LOVE,I really want to create a website about it.I also want to be the idea maker of a collab channel.Well that is all for this post.

Who is gonna retire????

With Melody’s arrival soon that means someone will retire.Luckily I might know who it is.So first of all Let us do a checklist.

So here’s them in the order of will retire to maybe not

1.Addy:Well Melody and Addy are both AA.Remember Cecile and Addy.It would be dumb to retire her because she’s one of the best selling Beforever’s.I hope she’s just getting revamped or something like that. Continue reading

Liebsters Challenge

I was nominated by Olivia


Link back to the person who tagged you

Answer all 11 questions

Tag 11 bloggers who have less than a thousand readers

Ask them 11 questions

Let them know you tagged them through social media

I tagged


Dolls and dance

Little house of ag

Small dolls in A big world

My questions

1.What is your favorite sport?

2.What is your favorite movie?

3.monkeys or horses

4.Are you silly or serious

5.hero or villian

6.Twilight or The Hunger Games

7.Summer or winter

8.Any pets?

9.fav food?

10.what do you like to collect besides ag dolls?

11.chocalate or vanilla

Olivia’s questions

1.What is your favorite book?                                                                                                                           Give me liberty

2.What is your favorite film?                                                                                                                           Despicable me

3.What is your favorite subject at school?                                                                                                   Math

4.Are you good or naughty at school?                                                                                                           Good

5.dogs or cats

Dogs because I’m scared of cats

6.Film or tv series                                                                                                                                                Film because I like to watch something all in one sitting

7.Favorite youtuber?

Thecheernastics2(I do gymnastics and will be doing cheer soon)

8.What is the most trouble you’ve been in?                                                                                                 Staying out too late with my friends

9.Least favorite film?                                                                                                                                            Teen beach 2

10.Least favorite subject at school?                                                                                                               Science because it is so boring and I have to sit through it for 1h35m

11.Do you prefer fiction or non fiction?                                                                                                         Fiction

p.s sorry if i tagged you and you have more than 1 thousand readers.I  could not think of anyone else.