I just changed Grace’s name

I am in the phase where I constantly change Grace’s name.It is *drumroll please*Kendall.

I just released Grace’s braid

I was so scared to do it but today I got over my fear.Plus today I am doing the photoshoots because where i live it is 72 degrees fairenheit today.I will post them when I get the chance.

Guess what

I was scrolling down through the events page at AG’S website and I found out they are having a Lea Adventure Academy for Spring break.When I saw it I screamed because I was so excited!!You can see it on AG’S website.


Sorry for my rudeness. I have not checked my email in like a month and I have’nt seen the comments you guys left.Here are the answers .I only have a Grace doll and og doll named Ella.I pierced grace’s ears using my method.I found out that bitty twins was going to retire because they have not got any new releases in like forever and since there is a new brand they can not keep both.p.s I can not see the comments unless i check my email.So i will always check my email.

hidden rooms

So i was just on youtube and i saw this video called hidden rooms and they are so cool.My secret room would have a space for me and my friends to have fun and doors that lead to stores where we could shop.You guys should watch the video.