puzzle time

I created a puzzle about mag 31.here mag 31.Tell me if you like it .Go to jigsaw planet to create puzzles to share or for yourself.



WARNING:You must be 10 plus to do this

Do you want to spend 16 dollars to pierce your american girl doll or do it for free?Here’s how to do it.

1.Get a pushpin,earrings a pen(optional)and your doll

2.Mark where your going to pierce here ears or not.Push in the pin at where you decide

3.Make sure you pushed in the pin all the way.Then put in the earrings.

voila your done (cheers)


So rumors are spreading about Melody Ellison and I’m here to tell you all about them.

  • Release date:AG said July but it is confirmed to be June 23
  • Melody might have a new face mold .She has dimples and no mold has dimples so I’m guessing she will.
  • Her meet outfit will be be a blue and green dress which could be seen on Youtube/American Girl
  • She will have brown hair with bangs and it will be flipped at the end


Hi I’m Madee and i love american girl and gymnastics.I got inspired to create a website so here i am creating one.I will post every weekend and sometimes weekdays if i get a chance.

Picking the right American Girl doll

So a lot of people struggle with choosing the right American Girl.But I’m here to help.

  1. ┬áDo a list of two or more dolls with pros and cons.for example Addy:pros:She’s a good character. I can manage her hair.Cons:she has long hair.(have you seen it? check agoverseasfan if you have not)
  2. Will she retire soon?Do you actually need her?
  3. Do you know how to take care of an ag doll?You know your parents or you will spend a lot of money on her.
  4. Will you play with her or do photoshoots or stopmotions.She should not just sit on your shelf 24/7 and gather dust.