I’m back!!!

Hello guys!I’m back from my long break and I’m so happy to start blogging again!Yay!Hopefully I can take pictures of an AG store that is opening near me.I will most likely go and take pictures.I might do DIY’s and I also learned some hairstyles a long time ago but I never got to post about it.So for sure I will do that.And more things.Time will just have to tell.Sorry for not putting a pic in this post but I will put more pictures in upcoming posts.

Xoxo Madee


So first of I want to start of with a huge Thank you to everyone who comes to my blog.You guys are the reason I keep on blogging(and because it’s fun)This year alone I had..……..


46 posts


351 visitors



In 2017 my goal is to post more and have better posts.I am also getting something in 2017.I won’t say what yet.I will also do Travel stuff because I have plans to go to lots of places in 2017.I am moast likely going to travel for 2 months in a totally different continent in Summer Break 2017.Thank you again and Happy New Year!df14e4f60fcf78c6e5f198b684968d6c

New things

Ok so sometime this month I will start doing tutorials for hairstyles.So I would like for you guys to comment down below hairstyles you would like to see.

I won’t be blogging alot anymore

Ok so I start school Monday because I am going to a year round middle school.My weekend is so packed.From getting all my school supplies to hanging out with a friend of mine.It’s my school’s fault for not telling me this.I FEEL SO NERVOUS.

See you in August(My Track out)

This is strange

Melody comes out very soon but we Still don’t know who will retire.I remember Caroline archival announcement was in May.Which means It was announced 4 months before her retirement.And It’s 1 month until Melody but still no announcement.